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Kinksters of the world - I teach! I currently offer classes in the following areas:

Rope Classes
  • Bondage for the Flexibly Challenged Rope bondage strategies and alternatives for people of all body-types, ages, and levels of ability who love rope bondage, but find themselves physically unable to execute some of the more common bondage poses. This is a hands-on class, Advanced-Beginner or Intermediate level.
  • Rope 100 - Building Blocks for a Solid Start Everyone who attends this class *will* be able to tie 2-3 ties by the time they leave, tops and bottoms alike. We cover basic ties such as single- and double-column ties, simple knots, hitches and tension, as well as basic safety, terminology, and info about rope. Hands-on, Novice
  • Bedroom Bondage for Beginners Want to tie your partner up and have your way with them (or be on the receiving end) - but you don't know that you'll be able to to all that complex rope stuff while you're turned on? This will cover basic cuffs and knots that anyone who can tie their shoes can do, so they can get down and dirty in no time at all! Hands-on; Novice/Beginner
  • Chest Harnesses for Beginners For those new to rope, this is a great class on how to use rope on the torso for both functional purposes (as a building block to more complex ties) and for decorative and sensual purposes. We'll cover 2-3 different torso ties for every body. Hands-on, Beginner/Advanced-Beginner
  • Beyond the TK: Alternate Chest and Body Harnesses For those bored with the traditional "TK", this class offers alternatives to the traditional box-tie, including a hands-free "lightning bolt" harness, a hojo chest harness, and if time permits, chest harnesses with hands behind the head, and with hands in front. Hands-on, Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate
  • Beautiful Boys: Tying the Male Form A class for male-identified rope bottoms and the people who want to want to tie them. We'll create ties that accentuate the best attributes of the male physique, and explore ways to face challenges unique to male-bodied bottoms. Hands-on, intermediate
  • Torture with Rope One needn't use all sorts of complicated instruments to bring pain to a masochist - a simple kit of rope is all any sadist needs! We will cover all sorts of devious and unexpected ways to bring pain, discomfort, and suffering to those who we tie, and we'll explore the masochist's perspective to bottoming for this kind of sadistic scene. Hands-on, all levels (inquire about pre-requisites)
  • It Ain't Over 'til it's Over: Untying with Intention It's a terrible tragedy to spend so much time tying someone up only to call the scene "done" the second you start untying. This class will explore how to get the most out of your untying, so you can bring your bottom down while still keeping the scene rolling. Hands-on/Demo, all levels (inquire about pre-requisites)
Rope Intensive
  • Bondage Building Blocks A half-day intensive for people designed for people who want to really master the basics so they can confidently incorporate rope into their play. Participants will review basic ties, learn fun methods for practicing and honing their skills, strengthen communication skills between partners, and find ways to apply what they've learned so they can improvise and create their own unique rope vocabulary.

Other BDSM skills & Theory
  • Open Wide! Playing with the Mouth Once you’ve got your bottom all tied up and helpless, what better thing to do than explore that wet, inviting hole in their face? From rope and twine to chopsticks, floss, clothespins, food, and weights, there are so many amazing ways to use that warm, moist, intimate playground that is the mouth. (Hands-On - all Levels) This class can be made "rope-centric"
  • The Feminist Pervert: How BDSM Taught Me About My Feminism and Gave Me a Voice This is a guided discussion intended to create a safe space for talking about challenges women and feminists of any gender face in the kinky community, with a focus on how to make more kinky spaces safe, welcoming, equality-based environments for all people (Guided Discussion)
  • Yes And: Positive Negotiation for More Satisfying Play Negotiation can be nerve-wracking for lots of people, because so much emphasis is placed on boundaries, limits, and “no.” But what if we shifted our focus to finding the “yes?” while still outlining our boundaries clearly? This class outlines some of the tenets of Improv and teaches how we can incorporate them into our kinky negotiations, for more positive, fulfilling encounters. (Lecture)
  • Shenanigans! Bringing the Play Back Into Your Playtime Often in our BDSM practices, we get focused on learning a new skill or "labbing" a new idea. But sometimes we get *too* focused on that stuff, and forget that we call it "Playing" for a reason! This class will provide you with ways to loosen up, get creative, improvise, and bring that fun, having-a-blast energy into your scenes! (Lecture/Hands-On - all Levels) This class can be made "rope-centric"
  • Confident Submission: Owning Your Power Before the Exchange Being the giver in a power exchange takes a lot of strength and audacity. In this guided discussion we will try to identify, nurture, and be mindful of the powerful qualities a strong bottom brings to the table. (Guided Discussion)
  • Humiliation, Degradation, & Objectification: How to Break It Down Before Breaking Them Down All sorts of kinky people identify as being "into humiliation play" but what does that mean exactly? Humiliation play has become a sort of umbrella term for all sorts of different emotional and psychological play. This class breaks down terms that fall under the Humiliation Umbrella into smaller pieces so that we can figure out exactly what kind of play we're talking about, so we can have more satisfying play with our partners. (Lecture)
If you're interested in more detailed class descriptions, or if you'd like to have me present for your event or group, please contact me on FetLife (MrsB) or Gmail (mrsbshi@). I am happy to provide references.

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